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Providing Chizuk – Strength, to all Jewish Women Coping with Mental Illness.

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“One who prays on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, is answered first.”

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Chazkeinu provides chizuk – strength
to all Jewish women coping with mental illness.

Empathetic support and positive connections

Chazkeinu promotes empathetic support and positive connections amongst those coping with their own mental illness, or that of a loved one, to help each other feel safe, understood and uplifted amidst their struggles. Chazkeinu offers a variety of programs, projects, and networks that cater to the mental health needs of each individual. We have two weekly phone meetings scheduled to accommodate those both in and out of the U.S..

Strengthen ourselves by strengthening others

At Chazkeinu we “strengthen ourselves by strengthening others.” We connect with others who are going through similar challenges and try to remove the isolation that comes along with mental illness.  We share our experience, strength and hope with others who are struggling or maintaining. We do our part to lessen the stigma of mental illness. At Chazkeinu we believe that mental illness is just like any other sickness, and deserves to be treated as such. We provide a network for those who are struggling and help loved ones of those who are sick.

Chazkeinu Mental Health Support Phone Meetings

About our Phone Meetings

Chazkeinu meetings offer a speaker who shares her personal story on the line, as well as women with family members or friends with mental illness who share their experience. We also hear from mental health professionals and Rabbanim who share encouragement with the group. The line is open to all callers to share what resonated with them from what the speaker spoke about. We include question and answers, and an option to add “call comments” via email. The phone meetings are positive and inspiring, and all in a safe and anonymous environment. Monday phone meetings feature speakers, and Wednesdays include speakers, topic meetings, and panel discussions.

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Mondays at 9:00pm EST and
Wednesdays at 1:00pm EST
(Wednesday afternoon call is specifically designed for international callers)

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“One who prays on behalf of his friend and is in a similar struggle, he is answered first!”

In order to connect spiritually, this list of names is sent out biweekly to include in your prayers as you choose.

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Phone: 314-346-7414


Address: 2832 W. Touhy Chicago, IL 60645

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While all members have the option to remain anonymous, we would appreciate if you can tell us a little bit about yourself and how you feel Chazkeinu can benefit you. This will help us ensure that Chazkeinu is the best fit for you. Chazkeinu welcomes and caters to all Jewish women who have mental or emotional issues as well as those who have a loved one going through those struggles.

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3) You will be asked to call in to Chazkeinu’s anonymous phone line, 413-4- CHIZUK to verify your female status, as we have had trouble with men gaining access in the past. This is for our safety.

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