Chazkeinu Chesed Fund – 2019 Fundraiser

Chazkeinu is the only peer support network for Jewish women with mental health challenges as well as female family members of those who are struggling. Chazkeinu infuses hope, unity, and friendship into lives filled with loneliness, despair, and suffering. Our...

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Live Chat by

Zahava, founder of Chazkeinu, hosted a live chat by and will be sharing her experiences with mental illness. Zahava suffers from Bipolar disorder and has experienced postpartum psychosis. Having seen the benefits of peer support in such an isolating...

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Shabbaton Newsletter 12-16-16

We are so excited to share our Shabbaton Newsletter with all of you, especially those that were unable to attend the shabbaton in person. Please enjoy the submissions and feedback along with the text to our song. Included is an updated list of recording numbers,...

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