It’s a test I’m going through
I’m not the only one
It’s hard to be judged and misunderstood
When trying to have some fun

It doesn’t matter what others think
We’re children of Hashem
It’s about trusting others and
Loving them

Why is there a stigma
Take away the stigma
Let go of the stigma
No more need for stigma
We don’t want it in our lives
So let’s make it disappear

A world stigma free
Be who we want to be
The good is what we see
Accepting you and me
We want a better place

*S* ee who I really am
*T* he good
*I* have inside
*G* ive
*M* e 
 *A* chance
I’ll prove it you 
With great pride

There’s a place where people say
The stigma stops right here
Chazkeinu it’s true
We’re here for you